Psalm 51:2

” Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!

– Psalm 51:2 – 

Commentary by Enduring Word

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity: The word of God through Nathan the Prophet worked like a mirror to show David how dirty and stained he was. He had lived in that condition for some time (perhaps a year) without an acute knowledge of his iniquity and sin. Now the sense of the stain drove him to beg to be cleansed.

i. “Wash me thoroughlyHebrew multiply to wash me; by which phrase he implies the greatness of his guilt, and the insufficiency of all legal washings, and the absolute necessity of some other and better thing to wash him.” (Poole)

ii. Wash me thoroughly: “The word employed is significant, in that it probably means washing by kneading or beating, not by simple rinsing.” (Maclaren)

iii. Wash me thoroughly: “To be cleansed not only from outward defilements, but from his swinish nature; for though a swine be washed never so clean, if she retain her nature, she will be ready to wallow in the next guzzle.” (Trapp)

iv. David used several words to speak of his offense against God.

· Transgressions has the idea of crossing a boundary.

· Iniquity has the idea of twistedness or perversion.

· Sin has the idea of falling short or missing the mark.


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